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Pin the Sperm on the Egg-tm Game Package for Party of 96

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Game Package for a Party of 96!

Game Package for a Party of 96!

This package comes with two 20"x27" brightly colored posters.  The two blindfolds are actually sleep masks which can be used by the mom, dad, grandma, etc. who may need to sleep when the baby sleeps during daylight hours.  Just hand wash and air dry.  Sperm are black to stand out against the colorful background and are die cut from glossy card stock and hand-popped for you and ready to use.  They come with removable sticky tabs that you can place on the back of the heads of the sperm ahead of time and leave the final covering till the game is ready to be played to prevent drying of the adhesive.  The perforated raffle tickets can be folded and cut for a clean edge.  They're good for keeping guests busy between events.  The three 9" fans are great for the mom and grandmas or hosts to keep them cool during the activities.  

The package comes with 96 sperm so that you can, in addition to playing the game, use them for decorating windows, mirrors or use as confetti!  Some ladies have also worn them on crowns or decorated banners, etc.  If you want to personalize them, as I have done for friends and celebrity showers, you can do so by cutting and pasting photos of the dad's face and glue stick to the head of the sperm and of the mom's face in the egg.  It also comes with 96 raffle tickets, 3 hand fans, and 8 accent balloons of each trademarked character,4- Lucky the Sperm and 4-Lucky Ladies, which you can add to your pastel bouquets and the fun theme.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 x .5 in