Pin the Sperm on the Egg Game with 32 Sperm Game Pieces!



Comes Complete With:
1 Pin the Sperm on the Egg Game Poster
1 Lavendar Blindfold/Sleep Mask!
32 Glossy Card Stock Sperm & 32 sticky tabs

Pin the Sperm on the Egg is a hilarious ice-breaker for any party, whether it be a baby shower, bachelorette party or fertilization celebration!!!

Just like the old fashioned game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, your family and friends will have a blast playing this new altered version! First created by a stay at home mom back in the late 80's, this game has become a hit at many baby showers! It comes complete with a brightly colored 20" x 27" poster, a bag of 32 sperm with removable sticky tabs and now with the Lavendar Blindfold/Sleep Mask! Each Player receives a sperm. The sperm closest to the egg wins!

If you plan on having more than 32 players, then you'll want to order an extra Bag O' Sperm (game pieces), made from glossy card stock. Extra sperm can also be used to decorate your table, mirrors, flower pots, etc. Or take a look at the New Party Pack for a party of 48 and get more for your money!!!


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