Game Contents

The Game:

Each game set includes:
One 22" x 27" Game Poster
16 Removable Mounting Tabs
12 Card Stock Paper Sperm
1 Purple Paper Blindfold*
all for $18.95 plus shipping!
Pin The Sperm On The Egg
Baby Shower Game
Just like the old fashion game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey…your friends and family will have a blast playing this new version never seen before! Created by a stay at home mom back in the 80s, this game has become a hit at many baby showers!  Trademarked since 2004 by WellDunn Creations.





Pastel colors and adorable animated features have been used to create this tasteful game that will spice up your party! Go ahead, try not to smile when you play this game, we dare ya!

Another great idea…add silly photos of the husband to each sperm and one photo of the wife to the egg!  Cracks them up every time!

Many people who throw a baby shower are concerned about the baby shower games. What games will the guests play? Not another boring bingo game!  No need to worry, this is the only game you will need!

Not the same old game, such as guess which baby food you just tasted, yuck! This game is different, exciting, colorful and fun!


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