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Pin The Sperm On The Egg GameMike and Cindy

Created on October 22, 1989
In Venice, California.

First created for my friends, Cyndi and Mike's baby shower. Our objective was to think up something that would really embarrass Mike, who is a very good sport, and add to the fun of the party! Other friends would ask me to make the game for them. It was time consuming, expensive and cutting out all those sperm became tedious and painful. I thought to myself wouldn't it be nice if all of those sperm could just be die cut so I wouldn't have to go through the painstaking process each time.

Shortly after I decided to mass produce the game and acquired trademark rights.


About Claudette Dunnclaudette600

"Claude" has been working as an artist since her early teens.  During the late 70’s she studied with Terry Downs, Master Artist and Printmaker at Plymouth State College in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She later attended Santa Monica College focusing on painting, printmaking, music and dance.  In 1987 she graduated from California State Northridge with a degree in Fine Art.

Working mostly in oil painting, printmaking and hand-colored photography, Claudette’s work has been on exhibit at Plymouth State, Santa Monica College and Cal State Northridge.  She has displayed and sold to restaurants, photo galleries, charity events, sports venues and to private owners.

"I’m triggered by my surroundings, a stirring of what I see and feel at that particular time in my life.  Photographing nature, I enjoy revealing not only its beauty, but how civilization affects the terrain.  As a mother, I’ve enjoyed painting and photographing children in their environments.  In this block print series, the amazing Janiva Magness, who recently won the B.B. King Entertainer of the year award, inspired me to recreate images of her and her influences: The Great Ladies of Blues & Jazz.”

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